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带你走进金史密斯学院的作曲专业(MMus Composition)

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From opera to electronica, and from Errollyn Wallen to James Blake, music studies at Goldsmiths are unique and different. Firmly rooted in the 21st century, our programmes entwine academic with practice-based study, and historical with contemporary repertories.

你如果不知道James Blake那就马上百度一下吧。他在英国音乐方面可是响当当的人物。


不断变化的挑战和创造新的音乐、声音艺术和技术,和/或音乐会表演。通过开发系统的实践和研究的关键技术方法,适当的探索当代和历史理解的创造性实践和音乐表演。在调查和评价别的音乐家, 作曲家和表演者们,帮助自己制定一个只属于你的独立和原始的作曲方法。该专业需要探索音乐和其他领域的理论和创造性表达。寻找当代西方艺术音乐和流行音乐,音乐其他文化,计算机音乐和历史的体验。




Pathway A创造性实践:Introduces you to strategies for developing creative work across a broad range of specialisms reflected in the programme modules available. You select an individual and coherent pathway that engages rigorously with a range of intellectual concerns, technical skills and understandings, leading to a clearly focussed creative project. You may choose to specialise in popular music composition, music for moving image, experimental composition, improvised music or other forms of innovative creative practice. You have opportunity to work with musicians, performers and other collaborators, and are encouraged to respond creatively to present day issues in new music.

Pathway B 作曲 :Fosters your ability to compose music by employing a wide range of technical procedures relevant to contemporary composition, You have opportunity to work with performers and/or other collaborators in creating music, and are encouraged to respond creatively to present day theories, concepts and problems in new music.

Pathway C 声音特效: develops your ability to create computer and studio-based music, engaging with contemporary ideas about sound art, electronic music and interactive/generative media. You explore a wide range of technical and experimental strategies, and develop a rigorous conceptual and critical framework your creative work that engages with present day technologies and the arts. You also have opportunity to collaborate with other artists, composers and performers.

Pathway D表演: develops your abilities as a performer, informed by an understanding of style, genre, context and interpretation, as well as historical and theoretical issues relevant to your specialised repertoire.

Pathway E现代音乐: offers students the opportunity to develop advanced popular music performance and composition skills, to reflect critically upon their own creative practice, to integrate theoretical perspectives from contemporary popular music studies, and to extend their own practice through options in sonic and studio art, advanced music technology, exploration in audiovisual media, and ethnomusicology.

Modules(MMus Composition 的主修和专修的课程) 

Core modules

Module title Credits
Compositional Techniques 30 credits
Material, Form and Structure 30 credits
Option modules

Choose two modules from a selection that currently includes:

Module title Credits
Composition and Moving Image Media 30 credits
Interactive and Generative Music 30 credits
Contemporary Music: Practices and Debates 30 credits
Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis 30 credits
Sound Agendas 30 credits
Studio Practice 30 credits
Creative project
Module title Credits
Creative Project 60 credits


  • 音乐工作室(Goldsmiths Music Studios)
  • 电音工作室(Electronic Music Studio)
  • 特效音乐多功能研究室(Sonics Interactive Multimedia Laboratory)
  • 表演练习室(Council Chamber (with its Steinway Model D))
  • 排练室(Two suites of practice rooms)



  • Goldsmiths Sinfonia
  • Chamber Choir
  • Contemporary Music Ensemble
  • Lunchtime and evening recitals
  • Music Collective
  • Studio Laptop Ensemble
  • Goldsmiths Vocal Ensemble
  • Plus student-led ensembles: Chamber Orchestra, New Music Ensemble, Big Band and Film Orchestra

平均分需达到77分,并且雅思达到6.5分(写作6.5以上)如果雅思达不到7分,学校提供暑假语言课。上了暑假之后就 可以直接上MA了 。想申此专业的可以直接点击申请 10月份就开放了。


  • 成绩单。Details of your education history, including the dates of all exams/assessments
  • 推荐人。The email address of your referee who we can request a reference from, or alternatively an electronic copy of your academic reference
  • 个人称述。A personal statement – this can either be uploaded as a Word Document or PDF, or completed online
  • if available, an electronic copy of your educational transcript (this is particularly important if you have studied outside of the UK, but isn’t mandatory)
  • A short portfolio that provides selected examples of your recent creative work (eg musical scores, CD, DVD, as appropriate); these examples should be relevant to the focus of the pathway。